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Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department

Fall chimney maintenace and proper inspection is a must!

As the temperature outside drops, fireplaces, wood stoves and pellet stoves will be used frequently. 

    Follow these chimney, fireplace safety tips :

  • Get an annual chimney inspection by a certified chimney technician.

  • Make sure the top of the chimney is free and clear of tree branches.

  • Cap it. Have a chimney cap installed on all of the flues.

  • Right fuel for the job. Well-seasoned hardwood. Do not burn Christmas trees, pressure treated or painted scrap lumber.

  • Liquid free light. Do not use lighter fluid, gasoline or charcoal grill lighter.

  • Keep it clear. Keep all furniture and combustible furnishings at least 1 metre away from the fireplace or wood stove.

  • Have a fireplace screen or set of glass doors in front of your fireplace.

  • Treat your fire like a toddler, watch them. Do not leave them unattended.

Chimney Fire

A message from KVFD's Fire Chief, Denis Gaudry

By now, most of you are aware of the losses in the Monte Lake area. We are only just one week into August with at least one month of the Fire Season ahead. It is most important to me to thank all those residents, businesses, etc., in the Kaleden Fire District and immediately outside our district for your continued vigilance. 

I also need to recognize the KVFD members - you are continuing to be the small department that "Can Do."

  • KVFD worked on both the Thomas and Inkaneep wildfires doing structure protection.

  • KVFD managed with BCWS help to initial attack a wildfire in our area and had it contained at 0.56 hectares. The cause has yet to be determined. The fire was declared out 2 days after ignition.

  • KVFD continues to occupy the Firehall from noon to 6 p.m. each day with a 3-person duty crew. This has worked very well and assisted us in other responses. KVFD responded to an accident scene on Highway 97 recently in 4 minutes.

  • KVFD will continue to provide mutual aid to our fellow fire departments within our Regional District for any incident. Okanagan Falls helped us on our 97/3A wildfire via mutual aid.


What is new for KVFD?

  • Since July 19th we are directly supporting the Province and in particular the Penticton Fire Zone. On July 26th the KVFD agreed to use our Interagency Agreement to assist in wildfire initial attack outside our Fire District.

  • KVFD when requested by BC Wildfire Service, or when our I/C thinks it necessary, will respond and help initial Wild Fire Attack with a minimum 3-person crew. We have expanded our response area temporarily to cover our Road Rescue area. This includes Marron Valley Road on IR#1 PIB, Highway 3A to the far end of Yellow Lake, Sheep Creek Road, Twin Lakes, Grand Oro Road and White Lake Road from the Observatory to Twin Lakes. I must emphasize our response will be for wildfire only, in addition to our road rescue/extrication we do year round.

  • KVFD will adapt to meet the needs of our Fire District, the surrounding areas and help provincially however we can.

Reminders on how you can help:

  • Please continue to be vigilant.

  • Educate vistors to be extra cautious given our fire danger in the province.

  • If you are doing "high risk activities" that could start a wildfire, please consider the risk!

  • Have your "grab and go bag" ready.

  • Please obey any Evacuation Alert or Evacuation Order from our Regional District.

  • Report any fire immediately to 9-1-1.

  • If you are able and it is safe to do so, try and put the fire out while it is small.

Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department

KVFD updates

KVFD receives a new radio repeater system upgrade

Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department identified shortfalls with the radio system years ago and highlighted the need for improvements in 2019 when Domininon Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO), was added to the fire service area. RDOS accepted the need and worked jointly with KVFD to secure the new system. 

In the photo, RDOS lifts materials and a radio equipment container on top of Greyledge, just above the KVFD training ground. Radio communications has improved with greater service from DRAO and St. Andrews, both located within our fire service. KVFD's road rescue is better covered for safety and a system is in place for wildfire season. 

Kaleden Fire Department Training Site


   Homeowners can make their own properties and their communities much safer from wildfire by practicing Wildfire Risk Reduction.


Visit or for more information

Based on current fire behavior and weather forecasts, the KVFD is asking homeowners in Kaleden, St. Andrews, and surrounding areas to be EXTRA VIGILANT in preparing their properties against wildfires. Here are a few action items recommended by FIRESMART:

  • inspect the roof/eaves and vents

  • keep gutters clean and free of leaves, pine needles

  • move woodpiles away from your home 

  • trim tree branches minimum 3 metres from ground

  • clean under decks, move construction material, trash

  • keep your lawn hydrated and maintained

  • keep on site fire tools handy. Every home should have readily accessible shovels, garden hoses, sprinklers and ladders for supressing a small fire that may start

  • have a GRAB & GO BAG ready at the door

  • If you have small pets, have a kennel close by

Rope Safety Rescue

Kaleden Volunteer Firefighters learn the ropes in a Rope Safety Rescue course.

Ten of Kaleden's Firefighters participated in Rope Safety Rescue Level 2 course offered by Rescue Canada in April.


The weekend training session for our Firefighters and First Responders included low slopes to high-angle rescue operations. Introduction to knots, improvised anchors, hand lines, belays, mechanical advantage and rappelling. Also, all the necessary skills to understand rope rescue, personal safety, and team safety, allowing KVFD to respond when the need arises.

Front row from left: Sterling Henschell, Conor McClarty, Stephen Weidner

Back row from left: Ryan Elphick, Colleen Fox, Terry Arsenault, Leslie Roos

Tony Madeira, Jean Dube, Uwe Zink

Engine Boss Course

On April 25th, KVFD sent four Firefighters to Lake Country for Provincial Wildfire training. The crew joined 14 other departments for hands-on structure-protection training. The course is designed to provide municipal firefighters with the skills and training requirements that cover specific issues related to Provincial Wildfire deployments. This training is important given the interface areas within Kaleden. KVFD typically focuses a fair bit of training and preparedness for wildfire season. Engine Boss was a day well spent and KVFD is more equipped to protect locally and/or contribute provincially if another Christie Mountain situation arises.

Due to Covid protocols, the Firefighters completed class learning on line and while in the field were able to work in their own departments pods.

Engine Boss ENGB

Pictured above: Capt. Leslie Roos, Lt. Sterling Henschell, Capt. Doug Dahl

Seated in apparatus: Capt. Stephan Wiedner


Safety Village May 2021

Kaleden Firefighters at Penticton Safety Village to guide Kaleden Elementary K–1 students through the Safety House.

MP, Richard Cannings, cycled to the Safety House for a visit as well.  

Penticton Safety Village

"My dad's a Firefighter!"

Kaleden Elementary K-1 class

Young students from Kaleden Elementary school spend the morning at Penticton Safety Village.                            May, 2021

Canada Day 2020.jpg

Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department


303 Lakehill Road

Kaleden, BC  V0H 1K0

Hall telephone: 250-497-8231


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