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Kaleden HUB
Kaleden HUB services. Call 250-460-3387 for more information.

Focus on HELP

One of the six spokes of Kaleden HUB is providing HELP to Kaleden residents. Usually, this help is in the form of small jobs that need to be done… like building a wheelchair ramp, fixing a railing or changing smoke detectors. The occasional help with a big snowfall is also sometimes requested. Community volunteers do the work.


If you need HELP or know of someone who would benefit from some assistance,

please call the HUB phone.

Focus on RIDES

This arm of the Kaleden HUB has provided hundreds of rides for local people to a variety of appointments they could hot have driven to themselves. Certified volunteer drivers have taken folks to all types of medical appointments, Government related chores, occasional shopping trips, and other needs. Although most users of HUB transportation
services are seniors, it is not restricted to a particular age group. This
service covers Kaleden, St. Andrews, and Twin Lakes.


Please call 250-497-3387 if you need help.


Focus on MEALS!

Kaleden HUB helps people in many ways and one of the services is to provide an occasional meal in time of need. Sometimes a family can be in crisis, or an injury has sidelined an individual or a senior just may need a hand. At times like these, a meal or two can be offered. Kaleden HUB has a freezer that is stocked with soups, casseroles and sometimes baking that can be delivered to someone in need. Community members donate to the cause when they have extra and also contribute if called upon in an emergency.

If you know someone in need, or are someone who needs occasional help, please call the Kaleden HUB. 250-460-3387

If you would like to donate once in awhile, please call as well.

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