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Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department

A little history


The present-day Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department (KVFD) is a vibrant and busy little hall that owes it success to a number of people and organizations that spent many hours and years getting things going. 


The first attempt to form a volunteer fire department in Kaleden was in 1966. Orchard irrigation systems provided water, if needed, and for $75, residents could have a standpipe installed by the Kaleden Irrigation Department. If an emergency call came in, it first went to the Swales Service Station, then they would start to call the volunteers. The members had limited gear and had to bring their own shovels.


It wasn't until 1972, that the department became viable by being supported by the taxpayers. With extra support from the RDOS, the KVFD started to come together. Erle Gardiner was the first fire chief and volunteers signed on to be the fire fighters.


Since those early years, the department has continued to grow and has had many community members serve as fire fighters. 


As of 2019, there are 18 men and women on the department with four rookies-in-training. Denis Gaudry is the fire chief and Tony Madeira is the assistant chief. We have four trucks: a rescue truck, a mini pumper, an engine pumper, and a tender for hauling water.

Kaleden Fire No. 2
KVFD building.jpg

Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department


303 Lakehill Road

Kaleden, BC  V0H 1K0

Hall telephone: 250-497-8231


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