Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department

Campfire bylaws


Campfires are permitted in the KVFD Fire Protection Area at this time.

Please follow the RDOS Campfire bylaws as stated below:

Campfire size shall not exceed 75 cm in diameter and 75 cm in height.

Campfires must be located a minimum of 5 metres from adjoining property lines and buildings.

​Campfires must be constructed 3 metres away from any combustibles.


Campfires will not be permitted between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. Only permitted burning materials, including seasoned untreated lumber, dry and seasoned firewood will be used in campfires.

Campfires will be continuously controlled and supervised by a competent person equipped with extinguishing equipment and material, and must be completely extinguished before the person leaves the area.


Campfires will be maintained so as not to cause a nuisance. Campfires will be contained within a fire pit.


Campfires must be intended for and used solely for the preparation of food and to provide warmth.


Campfires for cooking, warmth, or ceremonial purposes may be
permitted in exceptional circumstances with the approval of a designated fire authority. A fire in a stove that uses gas, propane or briquettes is not considered a campfire.


Campfires will not be permitted on property owned, or rented without written permission of the owner.

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