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Kaleden Museum and Archives

In late 2007 and early 2008, a committee was formed to plan a celebration to commemorate Kaleden's 100th birthday in 2009. The event was planned with a weekend of activities, a book was produced about our community history and the word was spread. The celebration was huge success, with over 600 people attending the Saturday evening dinner, and participants coming from across Canada.

The committee charged a small fee to cover the costs of the dinner and entertainment but then had a lot of the food donated. The history book, which had been sponsored by individuals and businesses in Kaleden, made more money than the cost of production. At the end of the weekend, the committee was surprised to learn that they had money in the bank. When they reflected on how interested the majority of participants had been in the history book and the small collection of artifacts they had assembled, the committee decided to put the funds toward the establishment of a museum. The Kaleden Museum and Archives was established in early 2010.

Kaleden Heritage Tea

It has been a very busy few years since then. The museum has accumulated a great selection of artifacts and several feet of archival material. In addition, the organization has participated in an annual heritage tea (pictured), produced two segments in a series of clips about the history of Kaleden, led history bus tours of Kaleden, hosted a number of students from Kaleden Elementary School and prepared a monthly history column for our local publication, Skaha Matters.


At first, of all the artifacts were held in the Kaleden Parks and Recreation meeting room in the community hall. A storage room in the basement of the hall was later added to house some of the items.

As of March 2019, the museum moved into its own 12 foot x 12 foot room just off the main entrance of the hall. This was great step forward and very exciting!​

As a visitor to the Kaleden Museum and Archives page, you may be interested in the history of the old hotel in Kaleden.

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New and Noteworthy

Honouring the legacy of Mr Eustace Nigel Maule Vernon and his bequest to our community

Kaleden Museum and Archives

320 Lakehill Road

Kaleden, BC V0H 1K0

Contact: Meredith King at 250-497-6995

By appointment only

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