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Kaleden Bursary Fund

The Kaleden Bursary Fund is a non-profit, charitable organization whose purpose is to support the post-secondary education of students in Kaleden by collecting funds from donors and investing those funds. The fund was founded on the conviction that education promotes social, economic and human development. 


The Bursary Committee is comprised of a core group of volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to ensure that the goals of the Bursary Fund are met and that it remains viable in the community. The volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and are passionate about serving their community. 


Current Bursary Committee members are: 


Mike Gane (Chairperson)

Darlene Bailey

Ginny Manning

Greg Masson

Glenda Livolsi

Fund history

Did you know?   


The Bursary Fund was established in 1971 using Bingo Committee revenue. Two bursaries were awarded each year with funds raised from the Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast and Valentine’s Tea. Volunteers worked at the bingo and their compensation then went to the Bursary Fund. 


In its early years, the Bursary Committee obtained a list of all Kaleden students graduating from high school and wrote to each student to encourage them to apply for a bursary. As the years progressed, that method was replaced by posting advertisements in the local newspaper and on bulletin boards. 

The current committee membership is inspired by the founding members’ determination to support local students. 

Did you know?


Since the Bursary Fund’s inception in 1971, approximately 149 bursaries have been awarded. In the years between 1971 and 2009, two bursaries were awarded per year. The number of bursaries awarded grew annually, due to committee-driven fundraising events and donations received. In the 2019 academic year, a record number of eight bursaries were awarded. 

Did you know?


In 1983, community members Jessie Allen, Barbara Gane and Louise Gardiner began keeping records of the recipients of the bursaries. Those historical records have proven to be invaluable to the Kaleden Bursary Fund for ongoing bursary planning and development. 


Did you know? 


The Kaleden Bursary Fund is supported by the generous donations of individuals, families, businesses and community organizations. 


Committee members also donate their time to fundraising initiatives. Available members meet — rain or shine — to sort bottles at the Kaleden Bottle Depot. The proceeds from the depot go toward funding community initiatives such as this one. Members also sell smokies at the Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department's annual garage sale.

Eligibility criteria, application and conditions of award

The Kaleden Bursary Fund provides financial assistance to students residing in the Kaleden, Twin Lakes and White Lake Road to St. Andrews By-The-Lake areas. 


Eligibility criteria


Bursary application is open to students who meet the following criteria:

  • Must reside within the V0H 1K0 postal code area.

  • Fulfill the requirements for Grade 12 graduation from a high school or through home-schooling.

  • Obtain proof of acceptance at an accredited post-secondary institution. Bursaries are tenable at any accredited post-secondary institution.

  • Demonstrate involvement in their school and/or community through sports, culture, voluntary service and/or other extracurricular activities.

  • Meet all of the requirements of the Kaleden Bursary Committee.

By applying for a bursary, students consent to have their names published in various media if their application is successful. The Bursary Committee reserves the right to add other applicable criteria at the time of reviewing the applications. Please note that acceptance is not guaranteed.

Application process


Advertisements outlining the application process are placed in the Skaha Matters and posted on the Kaleden Community Facebook page, Kaleden Community Association website and at local high schools.


The application period opens in April of each year. This year, eligible students may submit completed applications on or before July 1, 2024.


The Bursary Committee meets to consider applications in August. 


Bursary applications are to be mailed to:


Kaleden Bursary Committee

P.O. Box 183

Kaleden, BC  V0H 1K0


Conditions of award


The conditions of award are as follows:

  • ​The bursaries are merit-based awards and do not require proof of financial need.

  • Awarded bursaries do not have to be repaid.

  • The purpose of the award is to supplement and not replace the student’s primary sources of funding.

  • Bursary recipients are required to send a thank you letter to the sponsor and a copy of the letter to the Bursary Committee. Depending on the sponsor, the thank you letter may be written as an email or on paper, as indicated when the bursary is awarded. 

  • Students must submit proof of enrollment, proof of payment to their chosen institution and their social insurance number to the committee. 

  • The names of the recipients will be announced through various media. The purpose of the media announcements is to raise awareness of the Bursary Fund and encourage future financial support for it.  

  • The bursary offer may be deferred for a maximum period of two years from the date of offer.

Contributing to the Kaleden Bursary Fund

Financial contributions

As a registered non-profit and a volunteer-driven organization, the Kaleden Bursary Fund relies on donations. Financial contributions can be made to the Community Foundation of the South-Okanagan Similkameen (CFSOS). Please write “Kaleden Bursary Fund” in the memo section of your cheque for proper allocation of the funds and mail it to:


Community Foundation of the South-Okanagan Similkameen

390 Main St

Penticton, BC  V2A 5C3


You can also send your cheque donations directly to the Kaleden Bursary Committee mailing address. Tax receipts are issued for donations made to the fund. 

Legacy contributions


Keep your memory or that of a loved one alive by creating a one-time or annual memorial bursary. 


Alumni donations


Former bursary recipients are beginning to define their role in our community by helping grow the fund through their own donations. Alumni know the tremendous financial pressure of post-secondary education and how financial support — no matter the size — can make a big difference. Committed alumni want the youth of Kaleden to be supported by a caring and thriving community. Support this tradition and join the ranks of those who pay it forward! 


Give the gift of time


If you do not have the means to donate financially, you can still contribute by volunteering at the Kaleden Bottle Depot located on Lake Hill Road in Kaleden. In the winter, bottle sorting takes place once every two weeks on Sunday afternoons. During the spring, summer and fall, volunteers meet bi-weekly at the depot on Monday evenings. We encourage you to donate your refundable bottles by leaving them inside the Kaleden Bottle Depot tent at the church parking lot.

Volunteers needed


The Committee would be grateful for your assistance at the smokie sale held during the annual Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department garage sale. 

Kaleden Bursary Fund

Kaleden Bursary Committee

P.O. Box 183

Kaleden, BC  V0H 1K0


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