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Homeowners can make their own properties and their communities much safer from wildfire by practicing Wildfire Risk Reduction.

Based on current fire behavior and weather forecasts, the KVFD is asking homeowners in Kaleden, St. Andrews, and surrounding areas to be EXTRA VIGILANT in preparing their properties against wildfires.


Here are a few action items recommended by FIRESMART:

  • inspect the roof/eaves and vents

  • keep gutters clean and free of leaves, pine needles

  • move woodpiles away from your home 

  • trim tree branches minimum 3 metres from ground

  • clean under decks, move construction material, trash

  • keep your lawn hydrated and maintained

  • keep on site fire tools handy. Every home should have readily accessible shovels, garden hoses, sprinklers and ladders for suppressing a small fire that may start

  • have a GRAB & GO BAG ready at the door

  • If you have small pets, have a kennel close by

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Kaleden is located on the west side of Skaha Lake in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. The name Kaleden means "beautiful garden."

The Kaleden Community Association (KCA) is non-profit group. We are dedicated to fundraising for projects and events in Kaleden.

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